Recommended options for Bariatric supplements and meals

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Perfect Pouch Portions

Perfect Pouch Portions are a local Brisbane company providing delicious bariatric meals that can be used pre- and post-op.

They are frozen, but who cares! Because they are delicious as they have been designed to still be yummy after reheating,

Perfect to help you get back on track or stay on track!

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Cost Price Supplements

Your one stop shop at the best prices for all of your vitamin and protein needs here for pre and post surgery.

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Fit For Me

This is a Dutch company with vitamins developed specifically for bariatric surgery. You only need one multivitamin tablet per day!

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This is an American company with a selection of tablets, chews and Vitamin powders you can make up into a cordial to drink so that you can meet you fluid requirement and vitamins all in one go!

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BN Multi

BN are Australia’s number on bariatric vitamin as they were the first to the market with a chewable product. They offer a great selection of bariatric vitamins.

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BariNutrics® Calcium Chewy Bites are a delicious way to prevent calcium deficiency and to top up your vitamin D levels. Each chew contains 500 mg of calcium from calcium citrate, plus 500 IU of vitamin D to maximise calcium absorption.