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Bariatric Program Information

Brisbane General and Obesity Surgery was established by Dr Jason Wong. He aims to provide the highest standard of bariatric care through an integrated multidisciplinary approach.

Our bespoke bariatric program is a cost-effective, high-quality service, tailored exclusively to your requirements. We provide patient-focused care that prioritises your needs and helps you achieve long-lasting results.

Through clinical partnerships with allied health members, co-located under the same roof or via telehealth, patients are able to gain all of the benefits of an in-house multidisciplinary team without high overheads. This allows the team to provide a competitive fee schedule to our patients.

What Is Our Bariatric Program?

At Brisbane General & Obesity Surgery, the goal of our bariatric program is not just to help you to lose weight but also to improve your health and quality of life overall. We understand every patient is different, so we aim to provide a cost-effective, high-quality service, tailored to your individual requirements.

What Is Bariatric Surgery?

Bariatric surgery refers to surgeries that help patients to lose weight, usually by operating on the stomach. The purpose of bariatric surgery is to restrict food intake and decrease the absorption of food in the stomach and digestive system.

Why Choose Brisbane General & Obesity Surgery?

Our focus is on quality of care, not simply completing the highest number of surgeries possible. Dr Wong has an outstanding surgical record with a very low complication rate. This is due to thorough pre-operative assessment, meticulous surgical technique, modern anaesthetic, enhanced recovery protocols, perioperative management protocols and comprehensive quality control processes to monitor outcomes.

Not everybody needs the same level of dietitian, psychology and exercise support. Some patients require greater support while others manage well with a lower level of support. We have a minimum-requirement mandatory program for your safety, with additional appointments scheduled according to your needs.

We will work with you to identify issues that could potentially lead to future weight regain or poor satisfaction after surgery. We work as an integrated team, coordinated by our care coordinators, to ensure that we are all working towards common goals determined by you. Our patients receive in-depth post-surgery care and ongoing support to help them get the best results possible.

How Our Bariatric Program Works

First, obtain a referral from your GP to see Dr Wong for the management of obesity. When you have your referral, contact us to lock in an appointment.

Before attending your consultation, you will be emailed a request to complete a Patient Registration form and Bariatric Health Questionnaire.

This session can take around two hours and will involve your bariatric nurse. It is an informative and explorative consultation which looks at identifying factors that relate to weight gain, the role of surgery, recommendations for surgery and information about the bariatric program. Eligibility for an Eating Disorder Plan or Mental Health Care Plan will be assessed, which, if granted, will significantly decrease the cost of further dietitian and psychologist sessions.

At your initial appointment, you will first meet with our Bariatric Clinic Nurse and will be educated about obesity, our practice processes, and our care model. You will then have your full medical and bariatric history recorded.

After this, you will have a bariatric consultation with Dr Wong. All reasonable treatment options will be discussed with you, with a bespoke management plan made that is best suited to you.

A care plan pathway will guide you through your pre-surgery process. Expected fees will be outlined and blood test forms provided. Allow a total of two hours for administration, your consultations and any unexpected waiting time.

Some of your consultations may be bulk billed. Please see our fees page for information on the expected fees and rebates.

We advise you to bring an open mind and a support person, if you wish, to your appointment.

Before you proceed to surgery, you will undergo assessments by dietitians in clinical partnership with Dr Wong. In these sessions, we will identify any factors that may contribute to poor eating behaviours and potential weight regain in the future. As a team, we will develop a plan to manage these factors.

If there is evidence of disordered eating, maladaptive coping strategies or other factors that may affect you getting a good and safe result from surgery, some patients will also require mandatory assessment with a bariatric psychologist.

If you are inexperienced with engaging in exercise, we may recommend education sessions with an Exercise Physiologist before surgery.

In this session, the outcome of the multidisciplinary team meeting will be discussed with you. From here, your input will go into finalising a treatment plan.

Once you’re happy with the proposed treatment plan, a deposit is required to proceed with booking your surgery. Pre-assessment is performed by the nurse. An anaesthetic screening tool is administered and pre-admission to the clinic is performed. This ensures safety during your procedure. Patients will be referred to a physician for optimisation if required.

An endoscopy is performed usually a few weeks before surgery. Surgery is then performed in accordance with the agreed plan. In the hospital, you will be visited by our team every day. The average stay in hospital for our procedures is typically one to two nights.

You will receive a wellness check-up from our Bariatric Nurse Care Coordinator in the days following your discharge by phone. At two weeks post-surgery, you will have a face-to-face review.

You will receive ongoing multidisciplinary team care according to your bespoke care plan. This includes dietitian reviews at two, four, and six weeks, and then at the three, six, and twelve-month marks post-surgery.

Psychology appointments will be scheduled based on your bespoke care plan. You will receive two years of lifestyle and mindset coaching and support. BGOS patients will also be able to enrol with the Fresh Start Online Program for two years of support.

As a part of the plan, you will also have monthly bulk-billed reviews with your Surgeon or Bariatric Nurse.

The appointments are bulk-billed. Your Bariatric Care Plan fee permits you to have indefinite care with Dr Wong and any follow-up appointment for any reason will be bulk-billed to Medicare.

One year after surgery, we give our patients a unique reflective questionnaire to help them reflect on all the positive changes they have made in their lives. This helps us to assess whether there are still any areas requiring ongoing support. We are then able to create a further follow-up support program for patients who require additional assistance in their ongoing weight-loss or maintenance.

A thorough review will be completed to review your questionnaire and assess if you have mastered all of the skills and tools that we believe are the keys to long-term success after surgery. Any nutritional, behavioural and lifestyle recommendations will be provided.

If the team is satisfied that at the completion of your 12-month follow-up program you have mastered a lifestyle that will help you to maintain your weight-loss and health, you will be transferred over to an “as required follow-up pathway” and your GP will be sent a handover letter to inform them of any blood tests required as well as how to assist you to stay on track and maintain your weight loss.

We see our patients as part of our practice family, and the door is always open for them. After we have played a significant role in transforming our patients’ lives, we remain open and available to see them anytime they should ever need to again.

Afterall – obesity is a chronic disease and long-term support is essential.

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