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At Brisbane General & Obesity Surgery, we are dedicated to excellence in sleeve revision surgery in Brisbane, offering tailored solutions for those who have previously undergone gastric sleeve surgery and are now having issues. Our approach is designed for individuals now seeking further surgical intervention to enhance their health and weight management outcomes, and give patients a second chance at success. Our team, led by well-respected surgeon Dr. Jason Wong, combines extensive experience with a deep understanding of the complexities associated with post-gastric sleeve challenges. We are committed to providing our patients with the most advanced, patient-focused care, ensuring every aspect of the surgery is tailored to meet the unique needs and health goals of each individual.

What is Sleeve Revision Surgery?

Sleeve revision surgery involves modifying or converting a previous gastric sleeve surgery to enhance its effectiveness or to address any complications, such as reflux. This may include revising the original sleeve or converting it to a gastric bypass, depending on the individual’s needs.  In situations where there are other reasonable options instead of surgery, this can form part of your treatment plan also.  We are more than just a surgical team!  Contact our team today.

When is Sleeve Revision Surgery Needed?

Patients might consider sleeve revision surgery for various reasons, such as inadequate weight loss, weight regain, or complications like acid reflux, hiatus hernia, twisting or kinking of the sleeve, or sleeve dilation. Our team evaluates each case to determine the most suitable approach for revision or non-surgical treatment.

The Sleeve Revision Surgery Process

  • Pre-surgical evaluation: Our comprehensive assessment includes a review of your weight loss journey, current health status, and the performance of your original sleeve surgery.  The sleeve will be thoroughly assessed with endoscopy and radiology imaging to ensure that any treatments recommended will have the best chance of resolving any issues.
  • Revision techniques: Depending on your specific needs, Dr Wong may revise the original sleeve or convert it to a gastric bypass using minimally invasive techniques.
  • Post-surgery care: Our dedicated team supports your recovery and long-term weight management with tailored dietary guidance and lifestyle advice. 

Benefits of Choosing Sleeve Revision Surgery

Sleeve revision surgery at Brisbane General & Obesity Surgery offers multiple advantages. We provide personalised treatment plans to address each patient’s unique situation, ensuring the most effective outcomes. Our minimally invasive surgical approach, led by Dr. Wong, ensures reduced discomfort and quicker recovery times. With a strong focus on patient safety and satisfaction, our team offers comprehensive post-operative support, guiding patients through their recovery and helping them achieve sustainable weight management.

Why Choose Us for Your Sleeve Revision Surgery

Our clinic is renowned for its patient-focused approach and expertise in bariatric surgery. We prioritise understanding your individual health journey and tailor our surgical strategies accordingly, ensuring the highest standards of care and safety.

Consultation for Sleeve Revision Surgery in Brisbane

Considering sleeve revision surgery in Brisbane? Contact us to schedule a consultation. We’ll discuss your options, the procedure details, and how we can support you in achieving your health and weight loss goals.

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