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At Brisbane General & Obesity Clinic, we understand that the journey towards significant weight loss is both deeply personal and complex. Recognising that some patients may not achieve the expected outcomes from their initial Endoscopic Sleeve Gastroplasty (ESG) due to various reasons, we specialise in offering a second chance through ESG Revision Surgery. 

We approach each revision surgery with expertise, compassion, and a deep understanding of our patients’ challenges. We recognise the importance of developing sustainable healthy lifestyle behaviours in achieving and maintaining weightloss, and that it is not solely up to the procedure. Our interest is not in just doing your surgery, but in looking after you as a person.

Why Did My Initial ESG Procedure Not Achieve The Desired Outcome?

It is important to understand that the ESG was originally designed as an option for patients struggling with their weight who were not eligible for bariatric surgery, due to a lower BMI, or who did not want surgery.  It is often marketed as being “non-surgical” to appeal to patients who were reluctant to have surgery, or have a perception that surgery is dangerous. The reality is that the ESG is a novel procedure that does not have the same long-term evidence and data that Sleeve Gastrectomy and Gastric Bypass have. Serious complications can also occur from ESG, due to the fact that full-thickness sutures are being taken of the stomach and there is no visualisation on what is on the otherside of the stomach wall being sutured.

Many patients who undergo ESG will have been better suited to having a Sleeve Gastrectomy or Gastric Bypass, and by selecting a less appropriate procedure from the start that is not necessarily performed in a supportive multidisciplinary setting, optimal results will not be achieved.  

Did your Endoscopic Sleeve Gastroplasty Surgery not work? Contact the Brisbane General & Obesity Clinic to understand what your options are.

What is an ESG Revision Surgery?

An ESG Revision Surgery focuses on transitioning to a traditional bariatric procedure, specifically sleeve gastrectomy or gastric bypass. This decision is based on a detailed evaluation of the initial ESG’s effectiveness, patient health, and weight loss goals. Transitioning to these proven surgical methods can offer a more definitive solution for those whose initial ESG failed and did not achieve the desired results, providing a renewed opportunity for significant, sustainable weight loss. This tailored approach ensures each patient receives the most appropriate treatment for their unique situation, leveraging Dr. Jason Wong’s expertise in advanced bariatric surgery techniques.

Advantages and Considerations

ESG Revision Surgery carries its distinct set of challenges and opportunities. This procedure, inherently more complex and demanding than the initial ESG, necessitates a thorough understanding of its potential risks and the profound impact it can have on a patient’s life. While the surgery involves a greater investment, both emotionally and financially, the rewards can be transformative. By converting to a sleeve gastrectomy or gastric bypass, patients are provided with a renewed pathway towards significant weight loss and improved health, offering a chance to achieve the life-changing results they initially sought.

Advantages for ESG Revision Surgery:

  • Jason Wong’s specialised expertise in performing revision surgery..
  • Opportunity to address inadequate weight loss or weight regain.
  • Potential to resolve persistent co-existing health conditions.
  • Correction of complications arising from the previous ESG surgery.

Considerations for ESG Revision Surgery:

  • Extended duration of surgery compared to first ESG procedure.
  • Higher likelihood of postoperative complications compared with primary surgery, such as infection and staple-line leak.

Why Choose Us for Your ESG Revision Surgery

Choosing the right clinic for your ESG Revision Surgery is crucial, and here at Brisbane General & Obesity Clinic, we offer professional expertise and care. Our team, led by esteemed specialists, combines advanced surgical techniques with a deep understanding of the emotional and physical journey of weight loss. We are not just a clinic; we’re a place where compassion meets excellence, ensuring each patient’s path towards achieving their weight loss goals is supported, understood, and expertly guided.

Ideal candidates are individuals who have undergone an ESG procedure but haven’t achieved their desired weight loss goals, or have experienced significant weight regain.

Sleeve gastrectomy involves removing part of the stomach to reduce its size, while gastric bypass reroutes the digestive tract to limit food absorption. The choice depends on individual health, previous surgery outcomes, and weight loss goals.

Preparation involves dietary adjustments, comprehensive health evaluations, and discussions about your weight loss journey and goals with our team to tailor the best surgical approach.

Recovery varies by individual and procedure type but generally includes a phased diet, pain management, and gradual reintroduction to regular activities, with close monitoring by our team.

While revision surgery enhances the potential for significant weight loss, outcomes depend on many factors, including adherence to dietary guidelines, lifestyle changes, and overall health.

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